Hidden Valley
Community Concert Association
Escondido, California

Celebrating our 73rd. season!

Membership Form - you can print this page!

Special family prices for last two concerts!  AND are only available thru HVCCA ..not at box office ! 
effective date: 1-7-2019

Address:________________________                             City____________________                     Zip________

Adults-----------          @35 = $_____ 
Children thru high school ____@$10=$_____
Students, active-military, and veterans.
                             ____@$20 = $______

Note: These  family plans are for last 2 concerts..
2 Adults plus one child thru H.S.-------$55.00     
2 Adults plus two children thru H.S.---$65.00     
2 Adults plus three children thru H.S.-$75.00     
1 adult plus one child thru H.S.---------$40.00      
1 adult plus two children thru H.S.-----$50.00      
1 adult plus three children thru H.S.---$60.00    

Friends: 0-$99
Silver Benefactor: $200-499
Gold  Benefactor:$500-999

Sponsor: $1000-1499
Underwriter: $1500 and above
Note:  Sponsorship of a concert is available also!


Checks payable to:
Hidden Valley Community Concert Association

Mailing Address:  HVCCA
                       P.O. Box 1320
                       Escondido, CA 92033

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